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You know you are with a true sorority sister when donuts are one of your main priorities

sorority sugar — ❀ sorority big/little family traditions to...

🌻 Sorority big/little family traditions to start! 🌻

Check out Something Greek for all of the clothing, accessories, and paddle materials you could ever need!

Sorority Pigment-Dyed Embroidered Hat - Adams AD969 - EMB

Sorority pigment dyed hat comes with two lines of embroidery: one featuring your org and a customized line.

Delta Phi Epsilon at Kennesaw State University

Delta Phi Epsilon at Kennesaw State University - Sigma Alpha needs some glittery, fun photos like this

ву: тσяι ʝα¢кѕσи ♛  ∘✧∙σннσωвєαυтιfυℓℓ∙✧∘

ву: тσяι ʝα¢кѕσи ♛ ∘✧∙σннσωвєαυтιfυℓℓ∙✧∘