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ROMAN: Roman soldiers are attacked by Cherusci Germanic tribesmen still dressed in their Roman armour. they were part of the auxiliary cavalrymen commanded by Arminius, Varus disaster/Teutoburg Forest 9 AD - art by Peter Dennis


The famous Niedermörmter Roman helmet of the 3rd century AD. Side view. This style of helmet with hinged cheek pieces and a large neck protection was found in the river Rhine (now in the Mainz museum). It is a Weisenau type. Along with the elaborate applique and perforated brow, this helmet sports a unique design element on the crown: what are described as either "Mice and cheese" or "Mice and bread". Some experts call this model the most beautiful Roman helmet.

da Swords of Might

Roman Gladius Sword


Roman Armor Torso Shield {Ben Hur}


Roman Legionary hunting with a bow.


LoJ22 King and Country Roman Auxiliary Saluting #king #roman #JesusEra #auxiliary #history #toys


"The Earliest Roman Warriors, c 700 BC" -Romulus -Remus ,by Richard Hook

This is a roman gladius, or sword. This is what Hamlet would use to kill both Polonius as well as Laertes and Claudius.