Social Work101: Considering a career in social work?  Here is a quick understanding of the profession, and the varying roles social workers play in our world. This infographic breaks down where 642,000 American social workers are employed, details about three common fields of practice and profiles four famous social workers who were pioneers in the field.

March is National Social Work Month and this year's theme by the NASW is "Social Work Matters." Check out this infographic on social work!

Tackle Social Work Documentation and Win #socialwork #psychology #therapy #documentation

Is social work documentation or writing therapy case notes getting you down? Here are 7 simple tips to make social work documentation less painful.

Self-Care Starter Kit- amazing resources from  University of Buffalo SSW

Self Care infographic from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work! The University of Buffalo is a pioneer in SW.

Micro, Mezzo, and Macro When many people hear the term “social worker” they associate the career with commonly known roles such as behavioral therapist, school counselor, case worker or mental health counselor. What aspiring students and other outside the practice may not realize is that the social work profession actually splits its key practice spheres

Micro VS Mezzo VS Macro

Social Work Practice Areas - Mezzo, Micro and Macro. These are the areas that social workers work in in order to help clients as mentioned on page 109 in our textbook

This printable sign would be great for a social worker’s office door. It features chalkboard background with colorful chevron boxes and stars: Where is the Social Worker?  This do-it-yourself print out sign template comes with multiple phrases that can be customized. Add a clothes pin and workers have a fun, colorful way to tell coworkers, guests and students when they are available.

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Social Work Practice in a Hospital < pure social work and social work/discharge planning… the pros and cons of each

Models of Social Work Practice in a Hospital

Social Work Practice in a Hospital < pure social work and social work/discharge planning… the pros and cons of ea

Using the #ErinCondren #LifePlanner for school #counseling and social work!

After my last post about the new Erin Condren Life Planners, a few of you have been asking me to share how I use it for school social work/counseling purposes.

“Jenga” questions - lists of questions

"I have searched and searched for printable “Jenga” questions to use in social work sessions and found none! I found lists of questions but none that I could print onto file.