This one of the cutest winter quilts. @Sharon Halsey and @Paula Rockwood this makes me think of you two.

Merry Merry Snowman pattern, love it! by Bunny Hill Designs May have to make a snowman quilt yet

Snowman Quilt .  Pattern from    	#906 Let it Snow  27" X 33" Christmas quilt with wool applique and embroidery     Price:	$8.00

"Let It Snow" is complete. All the noses stitched, embroidery done, and snaps added for the mouths and noses of the snowmen faces. And machine quilted. The pattern is by Farmhouse Threads.

This block is too cute and easy too!

Beautiful work done by Sandra Edmunds Gregoire Make corner triangles smaller to give the snowman a smart bow tie.

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Strip quilt with ONE detailed panel. This would be awesomely warm in wool or a good quality thick flannel.

December 16 - Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks - 24 Blocks

SNOWMAN QUILT: 24 Blocks I especially like the use of color and different sized blocks!