Single Loose Snake necklace '' Ofis '' by ConstantinosCollect

Single Loose Snake necklace '' Ofis '' handmade BRASS metal in gold-plated Gold Choker Collar Necklace/ Minimal Gold Choker

This sinuous, solid sterling silver Vine Snake wraps gracefully along it's "vine" chain. The Snake is 1 3/8" long and completely three dimentional. -From Etsy

Silver Snake Necklace Vine Snake Pendant Snake Jewelry Snake Charm Serpent Jewelry Serpent Necklace Silver Snake Animal Jewelry Reptile Snake is 1 long

Sterling Silver Snake Ring Serpent Silver Viper Ring Vintage Snake Ring Adjustable Wrapped Ring Women Ring Men Snake Jewelry Antique Ring

Sterling Silver Snake Ring Stylish Viper Serpent Adjustable Ring Snake Jewelry for Men and Women Animal Ring Vintage Tribal Ring

Auryn necklace Infinite snake necklace Snake by ValkyriesSong                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Auryn necklace, Infinite snake necklace Snake jewelry Snake knot necklace Ouroboros necklace Auryn pendant Neverending Story gift by Valekyrie´s Song

Mokao snake hairpin by Leo Black. In brass, with garnet eyes.

2015 gift guide: $200 - $350

Beguiling Menagerie Cartiers Nature Inspired High Jewelry Volupte Yellow Diamond Necklace

China's myths, symbolism and fairy tales feature prominently in high jewelry collection at Cartier.

The Ouroboros (from the Greek Devouring Snake) has been alive and kicking since the Ancient Egyptians, who first used it as a marker of the beginning and end of time in tomb and funerary art. Centuries later, the Romans embraced the snake as a symbol of everlasting love, but its popularity in jewelry is still most often attributed to Prince Albert, who famously asked for Queen Victorias hand in 1839 with a gold and emerald ring shaped like a snake eating its tail. Their love story was known…

The Ouroboros (from the Greek Devouring Snake) has been alive and kicking since…

Gold snake ring with opal stone. This ring is so awesome.

Gold snake ring with opal stone. I don't love the snake, but Opal steal my heart