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White Teacup Pomeranian Fluff Ball He's so cute.dont mind me I'm a snowball with eyes.

Smallest+Dog+in+the+World | This is the mini gallery of Smallest Dog In The World 2014. Follow the ...

This 2 types of Chihuahua are very popular today. If you want to know the difference about apple head chihuahua and deer head chihuahua, read the short guide about them.

Smallest Dog, Milly from Puerto Rico. whow look at those eye...still so cute though lol

"Meet Milly, the Puerto Rican chihuahua about to hit the big time as the world's smallest dog. Milly was born three months ago and has maintained the height of inches for the last three weeks.

smallest dog in the world | Meysi May Be The World’s Smallest Dog, About the Size of a Soda Can

Meysi May Be The World’s Smallest Dog, About the Size of a Soda Can

The world's smallest dog is about the size of a Soda can. Little Meysi is tall, long and weighs just - about the same as a hamster. The tiny dog was so small at birth that her owner.

This tiny pup may have won the smallest dog in the world record but she has also scored a lifetime of health problems. Poor baby. Excessive trait breeding is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Take a bow-wow Milly the Chihuahua: Micro mutt that fits in the palm of a hand and weighs less than a banana is set to be crowned the World's smallest dog

Maltese Terrier 3 in tall, smallest dog in the world

The Smallest Dog in the World

This tiny puppy weighs less than 400 grams and  maybe it’s the smallest dog in the world

Meet the tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua-cross puppy whose face is the size of a piece aww isnt he/she is so cute

Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds

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A Dachsund puppy is vying for the title of "world's smallest dog". Animal rescuers in northern California say the animal was so small at birth that she could fit into a spoon.

Day in pictures: 29 March 2012

The smallest dog in the world. This dachshund puppy fit on a spoon when she was born.