I don't know about your kids but my girls love slap bracelets. I too, loved them as a kid and still think they are fun now. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own slap bracelet using three simple things: duct tape, a measuring tape, and scissors.    For those of you who can n

Directions and a video on how to make your own slap bracelet using duct tape, a measuring tape and scissors.

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Lot of 12 Nylon Tie Dyed Slap Bracelets Party Favors >>> You can get additional details at the image link. (This is an affiliate link)

DIY Slap Bracelets – Kids Activities Blog

DIY Slap Bracelets

You won't believe how easy it is to make DIY Slap Bracelets. Remember slap bracelets from way back when? Now you can make your own (and get kids to help) w Kids Activities (by Age)

How to make Slap Bracelet Valentines  with duct tape, a measuring tape, scissors, and this FREE PRINTABLE.

Need an alternative to candy focused Valentines? Try these "make your own" slap bracelet Valentines. Learn how to make your own bracelets & use the FREE printable to turn them into unique Valentines.

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Send your bridal party home with something to remember their trip back in time by; you and your beau's favorite trinkets from the (slap bracelets, Slinky toys and koosh balls;

Prayer Bands | Do It And How I seriously love this idea!  K

Prayer bands would be a great way to help children remember who to pray for each week. Use strips of construction paper and close with a sticker. Maybe prayer book?

Bring back the 1980s with DIY Slap Bracelets. #DIY #Crafts

How to Make a Slap Bracelet

Omg I never knew they were tape measures! Bring back the with DIY Slap Bracelets.

Slap bracelets were the sillybands of the 90s.  They came in many fun colors and textiles.  Fun for girls of all ages, trendy and adds a pop of color to any look.

Slap bracelets were banned from my school. I wish I still had mine.

Slap bracelets were so cool.  Too bad they got banned at school for driving the teachers crazy.

A Walk Down My Nostalgia Lane

Fun Express Slap Bracelet Assortment - 50 Pieces: 50 assorted slap bracelets per package. Listing includes 50 assorted slap bracelets per order even though image might show less than all

Slap bracelets!  These were eventually outlawed at school, can't remember why, but they are making a comeback I have started seeing them in stores again!

I remember when they banned slap on bracelets in school cause "kids were getting hurt" wack.

Valentine monster slap bracelets 12ct. great for party favors for the little ones./Wally's Party Factory #Valentine #Monster #Slap #Bracelets

Valentine Monster Slap Bracelets 12ct

At the Valentines party, remember monsters need love too! Your friends will love receiving one of these Valentine Monster Slap Bracelets. Just hold the bracelet by the end, slap it on your wrist, and it instantly wraps around and becomes a bracelet.

LDS Girls Pink CTR Choose the Right & Stars Slap Bracelet - Prmary Gifts, Young Women, Baptism Gift, LDS Birthday Ringmasters. $1.95. Primary Gifts. LDS Bookstore. LDS Products. Choose the Right. CTR Bracelet

Choose the right, CTR, pink stars slap bracelet. These bracelets slap one and pull right off, kids love them!

The Baseball Legends Slap Bracelet

The Baseball Legends Slap Bracelet

The Baseball Legends Slap Bracelet is created from actual baseball material. Features: Customized with the TBL logo Made from authentic baseball material Red baseball stitching