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Gorgeous concept art of Pirates of the Caribbean 4's sultry mermaids

Mermaids are mythical and legendary sea-dwelling creatures of European & Asian folklore, resembling a woman, with a human torso, but having a fishtail or tails instead of legs. Mermen are also heard of, but have a secondary role in the lore of the sea. Other similar water spirits include nymphs, dryads, oceanids, hamadryads, naiads, nerieds, oreads, and undines. Mermaids are supposed to be able to lure imaginative, amorous men to destruction by enticing them into the depths .

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What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

We were just playing a joke, we werent ment to fall in love... But thats what happened. Just my luck. (Open rp for the guy)

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Nina Y.'s Twisted Fairy Tales Mix Fantasy with Surrealism

Blessed and maybe damned are those to earn a mermaid's love. Cursed to a terrible doom those who betray it. For more Mermaid Love, follow our Mermaid Board here:


...sea witches are often confused with sirens- who, unlike them, are completely mythical- due to their grey skin and the coral buds that grow in their hair and along their bodies. Seamen tremble at the mere thought of them, as they're said to be able to manipulate whales and weather, and whale oil has the tendency to become extra volatile in their presence.


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