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True...I'm in high school but I guess I'm still stuck in the middle school phase

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Be patient.. God is not finished with you yet or you would not still be alive; maybe He is just saying , "wait; in My time"...

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I'm sorry but these are hilarious

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The moment you realize you are Bridget Jones...

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33 Of The Funniest Quotes On The Internet

funniest quotes on the internet 024

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Otaku Issues #9 The feeling....

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Si fa in quattro per renderti felice

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How To Stop A Nightmare: Warning…. cute cat video

How To Stop A Nightmare: Warning…. cute cat video ...

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Coloured electron microscopy of a diatom. ZEISS EVO SEM

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San Valentino per il mio amico incredibile singolo / amico cartolina di San Valentino, San Valentino divertente amico n. 188 - C

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I identify with Dorothy... I seem to only attract men who are cowards, have no heart or are in need of a brain.

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Sad but true. (by @masse78) #tmlplanet #ragazzi #ragazze #amore

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This comic from K. Beaton makes me so happy. There is one SINGLE area of history I know more about than Jack, and that's the British monarchy. So after finishing the Tudors, we are working our way through all the British monarchy films (Elizabeth, To Kill a King, etc) in chronological order... because we are gigantic nerds with no friends, apparently.

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minion quotes 019

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ogni donna merita un uomo che...

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Who cares - Lingvistov …

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The struggle is real!

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bwahahahaha.. she says maybe she should also remove the polish off her toes

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La fortuna dei brutti, stupidi e noiosi...

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