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Spine tattoo, without the dream catcher though "A vontade de Deus nunca me leva onde a graça de Deus não pode me proteger.

30  Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos,,

30+ Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos

Have you ever seen tattoos dedicated to kids? Check out some heartwarming tattoos from parents who really love their kids and get some parent tattoos ideas. The cool dad tattoos and children tattooed are some of the tattoo ideas for parents.

Floral rose foot tattoo, love the shading and style of flowers here.

10 Foot Rose Tattoo Designs

I'm not a huge tattoo fan, but occasionally I see one that I think is cool.  Not sure these are the words i would want, but I like the look of it and the location.

"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me!

When one gains true knowledge, there is no split between knower and known: one becomes knowledge/consciousness itself. In essence, Om is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one.

21 Tatuajes pequeños, pero con grandes significados