Peel stick tile under the sink. Ez to clean & covers min damage

25 Cheap And Easy DIYs That Will Vastly Improve Your Home

Did this under my kitchen sink. Nice clean look. Easy to clean now. Line your cabinet under the kitchen sink with peel and stick tile. Easy to wipe and helps cover already damaged cabinet bottom or helps to protect a new cabinet.

Perfect Drawer Liners with NO Measuring Involved

Perfect Drawer Liners with NO Measuring Involved. OR use a modified version of this method but turning the drawer upside down. less tears and creases because the depression is not as deep.

Plastic Shelf Liner - For linen closets to keep bottles from falling over.

Shelf Liners, Wire Shelf Liners in Stock - ULINE - makes wire shelves usable for pens and pencils, small items etc

Drawer and shelf liners are an easy way to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Learn how to make your own liners using easy-to-clean oilcloth!

Instantly Update The Look Of Your Kitchen With DIY Shelf Liners

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how my kitchen drawers and shelves get so grimy. My kitchen cupboards and drawers are closed the majority of the time, but somehow all sorts of yucky stuff manages t

Instant Kitchen Cabinet Organizer - A metal file organizer is perfect for storing baking sheets, cutting boards and pan lids. You can pick one up for a buck at a dollar store. To keep the organizer from sliding around, use rubber shelf liner or attach hook-and-loop tape to the cabinet base and the bottom of the organizer.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Metal File Organizer - instantly organize trays, cookie sheets, platters, etc. by standing them upright in a cabinet or pantry. This is a brilliant idea - The Family Handyman