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Immagine di summer, palm trees, and beach


per questa composizione avrei scelto un allineamento bandiera destra solo per un fatto stilistico.


Preview Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Peony& Hummingbird now to learn how to use cut-outs of flower drawings laid over a grid to create a pleasing composition, how to preserve the whites of your paper, how to create vibrant backgrounds, layer for value and contrast, and more! Then visit for access to the full-length video workshop.


pesci stilizzati: seamless con i pesci, dipinto di sfondo acquerello a mano, pesce acquerello, sfondo trasparente con stilizzato fish.Wallpaper blu, tessuto acquerello, ornamenti blu di avvolgimento

Orso carino. Cartolina di Natale con simpatico orsacchiotto. Illustrazione dell'acquerello Teddy Bear. Sfondo per Capodanno carta di invito.

Joseph Loughborough drawing- most of his work is pretty dark for my taste but I was drawn to this one. A character on the verge of... inspirataional for use in relaying a turn in plot, a change of mind, about to do something drastic, etc. This is haunting and yet while it is a bit disturbing, the idea of an open top head with frenetic lines could be used to good effect for a character in a fairy tale


Watercolor Flower Paintings - Jeanne Hyland, Artist & Instructor Mais


aquila: Patterned testa di aquila su sfondo acquerello. Africano disegno totem…

Sfondo di Fiori in Acquerello per iPhone