25 senior picture poses that will make you want to go back to school – or at least have a graduation photo shoot.

25 Senior Picture Poses That Will Make You Want to Go Back to School


I especially like the first photos lighting, and the set up of the first black and white portrait facing the camera, and the last photo on the right, though the last photo is farther away than I might prefer


40 Fun Senior Year Picture Ideas Describing the Adventurous Wait

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Sunflower pic can be taken in Yellow Springs. Maybe add her holding pic taken there when she was

My daughter's 1st year of school PreK3 1997 and her senior year 2012. Hopefully I can remember to take  her college graduation photo holding this photo.

High school grad holding her year of preschool picture. Or could do: preschool grad pic. could also remember to take college graduation photo holding this photo