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You were the "bomb" if you owned a banana seat bike, just like today if a young person has a car first everyone wants to mooch a ride :)

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Strawberry Shortcake Bike! Dust and Rust and Childhood delights!

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1970's sears spyder muscle bike vintage banana seat bicycle girls

Mine was this color, same seat, but I had streamers and a with basket on the front with flowers on it, and a bell. =)

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My bike as a kid was a Schwinn Stingray much like this one, except mine was orange and had one of those solid slick tires on the back.

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Bikes! Sears Wish Book. 1972. I had a purple and white one...can't recall if it was called Miss America or Princess...but it was one of did I feel groovy when I rode mine...LOL I was only 10! Lol Banana seat, streamers out the handle bars, put those color tubes on spokes that make noise as the wheels turned...the 70's had the best bikes and toys! :)

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Banana seat bike, plus tassels, and no bike helmet

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Banana Seat bikes - Mine was sparkly purple with an extra tall sissy bar, tall handle bars, a basket, and a knob gearshift. It was the best bike in the neighborhood for pulling "waterskiing" skateboarders.

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Banana Seat Bike - No 70's childhood was complete without it

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1971-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P228 by Wishbook, via Flickr

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Mine was gold, with a sparkly gold seat and sparkly gold streamers. I also had a pink and white woven basket.

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