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Owl Boxes. This site is from England. In Michigan we have the screech owl, which requires a 3 inch hole. Box should be 10 to 30 feet off ground. Box must be water tight. We need owls to keep those little pesky chipmunks and such in check. Think owl! in your backyard.


Owl Box...I want to put up an owl box to attract owl family to our yard....partly because I love owls and partly for gopher control!


How To Make And Erect A Barn Owl Nestbox - Barn Owls are great for rodent control. The link to the instructions is at the bottom of the article.

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Owl Box Plans – Learn About Owl House Design And Owl Nest Box Placement

Creating Owl Boxes: How To Build An Owl House - If owls live in your area, building and installing an owl box might attract a pair to your backyard. Some common owl species, like barn owls, are ferocious predators of mice and other rodent pests, so it makes sense to invite them into the neighborhood by installing an owl house. Read on for tips on owl house design.