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Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting

For those fond of making lists, Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting, a large-scale solo exhibition of paintings currently on view at the Guggenheim Museum in New York provides a fertile stomping ground: Catrami, Gobbi, Muffi, Bianchi, Sacchi, Combustioni and Legini, Ferri, Combustioni Plastiche, Cretti.  Tars, Hunchbacks, Molds, Whites, Sacks, Combustions and Woods, Irons, Plastic Combustions, Cracks.  Ground pumice stone, tar, discarded linens, burlap sacks, wood veneer, cold-rolled…


Un gruppo di minatori aspetta che tutti i compagni risalgano da un cunicolo della miniera d’oro del Sahel, una regione situata nel nord del Burkina Faso, al confine con il Mali, ottobre 2015. Ogni minatore risale trasportando sacchi di pietre che possono pesare fino a 50 chili. - (Giorgio Bianchi)

“Greenzoom”: uno scatto per raccontare il ciclo dei rifiuti. Parte il concorso fotografico di Iren Ambiente

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Ghirlanda stile shabby in tela juta con fiori in feltro bianchi ,beige e avorio., by Le gioie di Pippilella, 22,00 € su


justanothermasterpiece: Ruth Hardinger, Container 5, 2010, 28 x 18.5 in, salt, earth, acrylic and casein on cardboard.


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light filters through the smoke, pink and bright and painful. a woman lies beside her, nude and cold, someone she doesn't recognise. she takes a hit, and doesn't care.


26. Herbal Medications. Plate 26 of the Blue Beryll shows all together 96 different medicinal herbs. Their Tibetan names are mentioned in dBu Can writing. Beyond it the following pages contents also the indications, which are not named on the painting. This demonstrates the connection between the original Tibetan text of the ninth century and the additional created illustrations of the sevententh century. The Latin botanical names of the herbs are also mentioned.