"Thunder is just the sound of the hoofbeats' of the horses in that better place"

” — Gus Bundy's Reno Portraits NevadaGram from the Nevada Travel Network

Thunderstorm II ( Running Horses ) | 22" | Metallic Wall Art

Thunderstorm II ( Running Horses ) Laser Cut Steel | 22" | Metal Wall Art

The Thunderstorm (Running Horses) Metal Wall Art comes ready to mount. It is cut from steel and made in the USA by Lazart. It features a beautiful, reflective honey pinion finish that casts a soft, wa

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The Altai Horses can be traced back to nomadic times, making them one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. The nomadic tribes men would extensively bred and raised the Altai as a work horse in the harsh Siberian environment.

trotting away

10 Gorgeous Pictures Of Horses

White on white ...

~Galloping White Horses~ Camargue Horses running through shallow water in the Camargue region of southern France. --- Photo by Austin Thomas

His long legs moved rhythmically to the sound of his hooves. Every muscle tensed and relaxed at each movement. His tail blew like a sail in a wild storm. His neck remained outstretched, ears erect, and eyes alive...                                                                                                                                                      More

I had a vision of two horses running free side by side - one was black the other white. Such freedom. Happened at Graybear lodge 2 years ago. I still hold that vision today.

this group of horses got spooked and took off running when one of them yelled "watch out!! it's a tree!"

Breathtaking Arabians Breeding Horse Photography by Wojtek Kwiatkowski. From the magical photos of Arabian and Andalusian horses of Wojtek Kwiatkowski lite

Wild Trio by Artist Marcia Baldwin  Running Horses ~ Mustangs   American Art Moves!: August 2013

Wild Trio by Artist Marcia Baldwin Running Horses ~ Mustangs American Art Moves!