Romanian "gypsy" couple in the 1890s.

Some stylish looking old duds made all the better by the crumpled top hat. century hipsters look like today's 'Steampunk Gypsy' Halloween costume!

Romani Proverb

We are all wanderers of this Earth. Our Hearts are full of Wonder, and our Souls deep with Dreams.

Romani Gypsy band "Svenko" from Russia. Gypsy musicians, dancing barefoot Gypsy girls. Barfuss Zigeunerin. Des Bohémiennes à pieds nus. Des Gitanes à pieds nus. Las gitanas descalzas.

The nomadic Gypsies play a massive role in the Empire of Ay, appearing in nearly every book, usually to spare the heroes. "Young, scantily clad Gypsy girls danced and flirted with the men, in order to distract them from their sorrows.

A Romani woman dancing.(... n thwn there is dancing ;)

Watercolor Fashion

I love this evocative image of a Romani gypsy woman dancing (& I thought of her often for the character Zuhna & the freedom Robin feels in the gypsy camp).

Kashmiri Girl.  I am going to see how many words I can fit in here, this is just a test.  I am just curious, for curiosity's sake.  This is now the 2nd paragraph.  Interesting, isn't it?  I wonder where they will draw the limit?  I'm practically writing a book at this point.  We shall see how this looks.

Vintage Kashmiri Girl picture - a very simplistic beautiful style of clothing and adornment

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Photo: Faces of the Roma

A Romany girl poses in traditional clothing and jewelry. Location: Rucar, Romania. Photographer: WILHELM TOBIEN/ National Geographic Stock

Gypsy Girl Poses in Traditional Clothing and Jewelry

A gypsy girl poses in traditional clothing and jewelry, Rucar, Romania, 1934 (autochrome) .

Photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert photographed a Sintesti, Romania, from 1990 to 2006, documenting the life, traditions, history and outlook of the Romanian Gypsies.

Geta and Papusha Mihai (front and second from front) sit with their mother (at rear), and sister-in -law Garoafa, as they make soap in an oil drum which is just out of shot. By Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert found here