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-Photo by Carretto- Romany Gypsy wheel; Are you paving the way for somebody?

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A Kalderari Romani boy in Great Britain. 1911. My dad was born in Romania and it took me many decades to find that out on

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Photo: Faces of the Roma

beautiful & proud More

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,Romany Gypsy.. I wanna learn to read palms and tarot cards like my grandparents before me!

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A picture of the Chipko movement in the early 70's in the Garhwal Hills of India. The village woman were stopping trees from being cut down

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Ves lo que tengo para ti, acompañame y juntos te dire que hacer.....

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The forgotten art of Romani vardos

A typical Romani bow top wagon, so called because of its light-weight canvas top. This type of wagon was originally used in hilly regions, being light and easy to manoeuvre. Bow top wagons are still built today, especially in the North of England.

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Gypsies - Romani gypsy man

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This is a Romani Gypsy performing a traditional Romani dance. The dance and the music of the Romani people is very much unique and original, and due to their isolation from other cultures has remained mostly unchanged. -Tom S

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Romani Gypsy dance in photos. Gypsy dance by Olga Azarova

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Beautiful Russian Romani (Gypsy) woman. I am told by Grandma Lee that her family migrated to France from Romania, and that we are actually Romanian/French. This lady has the same bone structure that a lot of my cousins and I have. So cool!

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Transylvanian Romani costume, with Rajasthani influence

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~ Old Russian Photograph ~...I love the lacy skirt

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History of the Gypsies

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