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Repair proteins wrapped around a DNA double helix. These proteins prevent DNA damage from accumulating and causing cell death. (Source: NIGMS, Credit: Tom Ellenberger, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Dave Gohara, Saint Louis University School of Medicine)


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An electron microscope catches the immune system blooming into action. A white blood cell (red) wraps itself around a mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of most cases of tuberculosis. Phagocyte, as a white blood cell is known as, comes from the Greek word phagein (to eat), and that's what the cell does, rendering the infectious cell benign.

Anthrax bacteria being swallowed by an immune system cell.

This image shows telomeres (yellow), protective caps on the ends of chromosomes, moving to the outer edge of a cell's nucleus (blue). Salk researchers found that the telomeres anchor to the nuclear envelope after the cell duplicates its DNA during division, which may help organize the chromosomes as the cell splits into two daughter cells.