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Broken zip, maybe not; cerniera rotta, forse no: come riparare una cerniera lampo rotta

Cerniera rotta: come riparare una zip lampo in 4 mosse (VIDEO)

Come riparare una cerniera/zip/chiusura lampo - How to fix a separated broken zipper - YouTube

How to fix a separated zipper! If a zipper comes separated, use scissors to clip above the missing tooth so that the zipper pull can be placed back on the zipper. Make sure a zipper pull is going in the right direction when fixing a separated zipper with help from a seamstress and tailor in this free video on clothing alterations and repairs. Expert: Debrah DeMirza


How to Fix a Broken Zipper. My sipper on my favorite pants broke last week. Now I can fix it :)


Will Sew 4 Food: How To Replace A Broken/Missing Jacket Zipper Pull


We have a guest poster today… We’d like to introduce you to our sister Cara, who’s company we get to enjoy so much more frequently since she came to live out here for school!  Here she explains an easy, alternative method of fixing a broken zipper on jeans: Hi my name is Cara, and I …