Natural Ways to Remove Lipstick + 6 More Valentine's Day Stain Removers |

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Wait! Before you turn that cami into a dish rag, we have some tips to remove stains from your women's clothing. You can battle even the most notable stains with a little bit of know-how and we will show you how save a few items and save money. Use this laundry guide to troubleshoot your ugliest laundry dilemmas. Your first step is to understand that not all stains are created equal, so each type needs a personalized treatment. We go over stains such as: wax, makeup, blood, wine, baby formula…

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Removing Lipstick Stains From Anything | Cleaning Guides

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Lipstick stain removal guide for clothing, upholstery and carpet {on Stain Removal 101}

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How to remove a lipstick stain from your carpet with homemade carpet cleaner. It only takes two ingredients that you probably have lying around the house. It will save your carpet. It also works as a great laundry spot remover (aka Shout).

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Lipstick stain removal. How to remove lipstick stains using remedies you have at home. Proven cleaning tips for removing lipstick stains from professional cleaners.

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Lipstick stain removal guide for clothes, upholstery and carpet {on Stain Removal 101}

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Bella Before and After: How to remove Lipstick stains from clothes.

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(I seriously discovered the glory of WD40 this past weekend... where have I been?) WD-40 USES: (1) protects silver from tarnishing (2) removes road tar and grime from cars (3) cleans and lubricates guitar strings (4) gives floors that 'just-waxed' sheen without making them slippery (5) keeps flies off cows (... what?) (6) restores and cleans chalkboards (7) removes lipstick stains (8) loosens stubborn zippers (9) untangles jewelry chains (10) removes stains from stainless steel sinks (11)…

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How to Remove Lipstick Stains Perfectly?

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