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Lividi, Ematomi e Bruciature come curarli con i consigli di Susanna

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10 remèdes maison contre les bleus

Callie cried as she dabbed the blood "Cal don't cry" "You're hurt" He brushed her hair off her face" you're worth it"

He stared at his bruised hands, no remorse for what he had done. But when he…

Iris entered the room. She wore an exhausted smile and her hair in a ripped ribbon. Olivia and Terror looked to her. They doubled back, frightened by her appearance. "Where have you been?" Doctor Occipital asked tenderly, taking Miss Print's hands. They were cracked and bloodied. She grinned a crooked grin and replied, "I've been painting. My fists are my brushes and blood is my medium. You can find the canvas yourself." (after she is confronted by superheroes in book 2, forgot she's a…

When she took her makeup off I saw the secret. She was one of them. They had injected her with the serum, I could see the poison in her blood vessels. Her eyes burning with the poison now burning with a hatred for me her best friend. -Hannah Ison