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Homemade Squirrel Repellent for Your Yard | Garden Guides

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Homemade squirrel repellant: Grate a bar of original scent Irish Spring soap (I used my Salad Shooter) and put a small amount of the shavings into a piece of panty hose and knot both ends, Tie it on your bird feeder (under a squirrel baffle to help keep it dry) and a squirrel won't come near you feeder,

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The Dirt for September 10 2012 | thegardengeeks For daily tips follow us on facebook

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Homemade Squirrel repellent for garden

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Rid your garden of squirrels and deer. Sprinkle grated Irish Spring around the perimeter?!

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Pepper Flakes Keep Squirrels out of Planters ~ How simple is that?

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Keep Squirrels away with These Repellents

Squirrel repellent: cups filled with mothballs and cayenne pepper

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Now we love squirrels as much as the next guy, but this time of year they can become real pests. As you may have noticed, squirrels love p...

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Artistic31Mama: Squirrel Repellent: How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Flower Beds

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Homemade Squirrel Repellents That are Non-lethal, But Effective

Homemade Squirrel Repellent - they must stopping eating my veggie garden!

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