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Curvy Keepsakes Bunny

I know there’s many versions of the Curvy Keepsakes box out there, but I just love the bunny! He/She’s not hard to make but is sure to put a smile on someone’s face this Easter! …

Origami Busta Hanbok Piccolo

Origami Busta Hanbok Piccolo


Buttons with tatting on them!


Gifts for New Moms & Mommy Jewelry | Mark and Graham


Try these handmade boxes. Tear some pages out of a magazine or an old comic book. Cut out pieces of 12x18cm. Glue the outer ends to make a kind of 'toilet-paper roll'. Let dry for a moment. Push one end of the roll together and sew along the edges. Put in raisins and maybe a small present and push the other end together in an angle of 90 degrees of the other end. Sew.


PREZZO SPECIALE PEZZO UNICO € 439,20 anziché € 466,65 - Chitarra elettrica Dillion "DLP Series" colore "Blu Sapphire Quilt" tastiera in palissandro con selettori push-pull per splittare i PU single/humbucker.

Push Back Pallet Rack Systems are available in either Roll Form or Structural Pallet Rack configurations depending on capacities or preference of the customer. Push Back Pallet Rack Systems are considered last-in/first-out systems (LIFO).


How to Boil the Perfect Egg (1) bring eggs to room temperature (2) with a push pin, poke a hole on rounded side of an egg (3) put eggs in boiling water (4) add a pinch of salt (5) boil for 8 - 10 min or 6 min for soft boiled eggs (6) cool eggs with cold water completely (7) knock an egg softly on a hard surface and peel


Pusheen's Christmas to-do list...can't wait for Christmas. This is basically how it goes down *I LOVe the "spend time with family" one >_