Mosaic Serving Plate You’d never guess that this beautiful serving plate was made from old CD’s.

75 DIY Recycled Craftsy Art Projects

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. I think this would be cool for my kit hen table (get rid of the nasty old blue tiles)

Don't just throw those old new s papers right away. Recycle and turn them into useful baskets. DIY basket from news paper.

Recycle Old Newspaper into Useful Basket [DIY Project

Take those old glossy magazines that are laying around your house and create a cool unique crafts for your uses. The ideas are simple, yet...

How to Recycle: Rolled and Folded Magazine Pages Projects or pencils

sculpture repurposed art from recycled materials

Artist Recycles Old CDs by Turning Them into Adorable Animal Sculptures

Sculpture made from re-purposed CD and DVDs, art made from recycled materials. Artist Sean Avery transformed CDs and DVDs into works of recycled art. The results are adorable animal sculptures made from this unusual art medium.

Simple tutorial to make these recycled DIY art magnets! These make a great gift, are inexpensive to do, and are fun!

Recycled Art Magnets

Recycled Art: Teacher Appreciation Magnets - a fantastic idea for a simple and inexpensive craft! Make a dozen or more for the special folk in your life and present them in packs of ~M x

A water bottled piggy bank Try it out for yourself

10 Fun Crafts For Kids

Bottle Bank via Martha Stewart: transform a used plastic bottle into a cute piggy bank. Could use same idea to made little containers for kids to store their collections too (use bottle with wider opening and don't make slot)

Left Over Buttons Your jar of old buttons could be turned into a cute piece of art.

75 DIY Recycled Craftsy Art Projects

What did you do with the buttons of old clothes? Collect enough number of buttons and you can collate anything you like including the creative letters. Frame the work, it’s good DIY wall art idea.

This wall art was made by rolled up strips of magazine paper, glued together. Amazing what one can do with processed wood. :D

Do Quilling

Recycling something old and used and turning it into something useful or a piece of art is double the pleasure. You are saving the nature and you create something new that you can enjoy. There are so many ways to recycle, to reuse things you thought belonged to the recycle bin. You’ll be surprised by some of these Top 10 DIY Recycled Art Projects we are sharing today. Check them out and let them inspire you to create recycled art by yourself.

Top 10 DIY Recycled Art Projects

DIY with plastic bottles recycling. Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, why don't you make this.

Tover een hele boel dopsels om in een fantastisch wezen. Verzamelen, schetsen, plakken en klaar is Kees! >> #inspiratie

Artistic Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps, Recycled Crafts for Kids

Cardboard or wood cut-out decorated with caps from juice bottles, etc. This makes me want to make art with the kids that we can hang in the classroom and keep there! A lovely recycled wall art craft. Would make a great Earth Day cooperative project