Our custom recording studio is an amazing place, with quality state of the art equipment.

The Rainbow Sounds custom recording studio is an amazing place, with quality state of the art equipment.

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Minimal Studio- the essentials are corner bass traps, absorption behind the work station, ceiling cloud, panels at the first point of reflection. Then some panels on the opposite wall &/or diffusers.

Infamous Musician – 20 Home Recording Studio Setup Ideas To Inspire You

No matter how large or small your professional recording music studio - even if you do sound production in your home studio - anything is more cool with a bit of neon blue glow in the evening

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recording studio set up. Then again, the closets will be empty by then to store the recording studio equipment instead?

Perspective aerial view of home recording studio barn conversion, produced during the design development phase.

Custom Studio Blueprints—Designing inspiring studios with beautiful acoustics. See details about our recording studio design process & Get a Free Estimate.

Inspiring Home Recording Studio Design: Industrial Home Recording Studio Design Idea With Small Sofa And Working Table ~ dropddesign.com Decorating Inspiration

Apartments:Awesome Contemporary: Soundproofing Apartment Interior Design Cool Soundproofing Apartment For Industrial Home Office With Modern Purple Couch Also Black Swivel Chair Also A Keyboard Also Gray Rug With Accoustic Guitar

Selecting a recording #studio will determine one’s #music #career.Good quality of records will take one’s music to another next level, by increasing professional appeal and by showing one’s seriousness.

DIY Sound Proof Panels (Step-by-Step)

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Vocal Studio - Despite feeling a bit aquarium-esque this is inspirational; I need to up my in home studio game

Vocal Studio - I like this design. Vocal booths tend to feel claustrophobic. I wonder if the glass/plexiglass causes any sound reflection issues, though.