The DIY bowl from a record is a definite oldie-but-goodie craft project. These make great inexpensive party decor, take like 4 minutes to make, and cost 10 cents each. Learn how to make a record bowl after the jump.

How To: Make a Vinyl Bowl

The DIY bowl from a record is a definite oldie-but-goodie craft project. I made some for Erin’s Prom Night Birthday Party so I thought why not share the details in case you ha…

A few people have asked how one goes about making record bowls. PS: Idiot that I am, I forgot to say how long you leave it in. Honestly, it’s about 5 minutes if that. Depends on how thick your vinyl is. Just check up on.

melted record bowl: Take record, place in oven that is at (on a glass or metal bowl).watch for the 15 secs it takes to "flop".remove from oven, quickly "mold" into into the shape you want with a bowl.

How To Make A Vinyl Record Bowl

WORKED GREAT Convection oven 185 for minutes. A cool idea to repurpose a record is to make it into a record bowl. Instead of those records sitting around collecting dust they now become useful.

I did this as a kid at school as a gift for my Mom. We melted records, then we mod-podged squares of Christmas wrapping paper to them to make them little Chirstmas candy bowls.

Based on Vinyl Record Bowl by Beverley B.

Music DIY Vinyl Record bowl Such a cute idea for a rock star birthday party. Absolutely doing this for birthday number 6 for the boys.

Music Inspired Bohemian Wedding in Ojai, California

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DIY: Rockin' Vinyl Record Bowl

DIY: Vinyl Record Bowl -- please consult me first before you start destroying any records.

How to Upcycle Old Vinyl Records

old records into butterfly wall art; I have a lot of old records! This is an awesome idea!

recycled: record bowl from {nifty thrifty things}

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