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The smell of new books.ahh I love :D OHHH, and old books. I feel like I am breathing in a different time period, and I am transported to a magical place, to where pen and ink were things of power, and thinking of how they still are today.

little reasons to smile♥ by rosanna

Falling asleep to the sound of rain outside. I love to listen to the rain anytime.

reasons to love being alive


don't forget to smile


We all love to feel happy, right? Try writing or saying this affirmation in the morning before you start your day. Set an intention to create happiness for yourself. Smile, look for positive things in your life to be grateful for, and find reasons to feel

This is an affirmative actuon based on non fiction through n through know who i want this to be going to. Just wishin and giving it all to myself from present moment forward onward i go

i want a soft serve machine when i get rich