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This is a Marwari horse, a breed from India. If I ever have enough money for it I would love to import one from overseas. I think this breed is gorgeous, and not just for their unique ears. I'd looove to have one in my barn.

Italian Persano Horse Italia IL PORTALE DEL CAVALLO - razze equine. Its difficult to find photos of these very rare horses

Razze di gatti: le più strane e rare [FOTO] | Ecoo

Razze di gatti rare e strane (Foto 7/40) | Ecoo

Harlequin beauceron / Beauce Shepherd / Chien Berger de Beauce #Dogs #Puppy

Razze di gatti rare e strane - Devon Rex

Tonkinese Cat Breed Information

Cane Corso <3 cant wait for Bella to get bigger & look like this! :)