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Smaltiva rifiuti del Nord Italia a Caserta: confiscati dieci milioni a un imprenditore - Corriere del Mezzogiorno

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6 sconvolgenti motivi per non acquistare prodotti biologici provenienti dalla Cina

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The Most Remote Places in the World

Highest, lowest, most uninhabited places in Earth.

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Ancient Easter Islanders Likely Sailed Back And Forth to South America

Ancient voyages across the Pacific were roundtrip: The 4,600-mile trek couldn't have been easy—even for people who had already migrated from Polynesia in wooden outrigger canoes


This stuff is amazing! You could even build a shelter with it. It is actually concrete in a flexible cloth form. Add water it becomes hardened concrete! Mind Blown! FARM SHOW - Just Add Water: "Concrete Cloth"


Excavator (Construction - Bucket) a vehicle with an boom, stick, and bucket to scoop stuff up and move it away quickly

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Chip Spreader (Road Construction - Spreader) Spread "aggregate" (Rocks and other particles) in the sealing process of road construction. (paving, conveyor belt, traction, diesel)


Soil Stabilizer / Road Recycler (Road Construction - Gluer, Crumbler) Digs and mixes soil with a bonding agent to make it harden to prepare for asphalt