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21 Reasons Ginger Guys Are Gods Amongst Men

21 Reasons Ginger Guys Are Gods Amongst Men; aka. Why everybody is recognizing the attractiveness of those I am attracted to.

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Afternoon eye candy: Stefano Masciolini (20 photos)

Stefano Masciolini as Cesar Alvarez Cute Ginger Guys, Hair

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Robin Nolan - the hair and the beard and, unusually for the family, blue eyes

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this family of ginger brothers needs an epic plot line because I'm in love with all of them- this is Levi

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Ed Sheeran & Rupert Grint Ginger overload. Well, I could just go meet them, and just add a bit more ginger overload to this equation :) I promise I wouldn't mind :)

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I have such a thing for redheads.....swoon.

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Thomas James McDade could be our 2nd option if we did a casting for someone to play Jim. His appearance matches Jim's.

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This guy would make a nice model for Wash. I like his freckles an his tousled hair.

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13 Pictures of my favorite ginger, Cameron Monaghan (aka Gotham's new Joker)

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for-redheads:Ginger on fire! by Adrian Błachut

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