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VANIA RAGAZZA DI FIRENZE Sono nata a Milano ma i miei genitori si sono trasferiti in Toscana quando avevo appena 10 anni. Ora ho 25 anni e sono pronta per una storia seria. Nei locali trovo solo ragazzini e sinceramente io non voglio più perdere tempo con persone immature e quindi mi sono iscritta

Seems you have a bad case of immaturity. Here is a lifetime prescription of GROW THE FUCK UP!

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Yes, I am quite aware that you have nothing better to do in life than come at me. I would get mad and offended but I always get such a laugh! Please, continue!

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Junior high called. They want their drama back.

ecard about immature women - Google Search

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Disrespect. Always expect it when dealing with a narc or an abusive person. It makes them feel big and tough.

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So true. I've already won. I'm happy as can be with my life and my little family! and with that said I'm done. You keep acting like an immature insecure little girl tho.. #DEUCESBITCH

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Probably why he's going to have to pay for and support her the rest of her life. She couldn't survive on her own. Needs a man like she needs air!

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i love the look on their faces. mel's is like is she out of her mind & vince is like what a ungrateful, immature bitch

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I can think of 2 ppl who need to read this! Immaturity is ugly

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Rori: Creo que estas actuando de manera inmadura. Lorelai: No estoy actuando. (Traducción un poco literal de más, pero la si no la gracia no se entiende)

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