Helping out his hoomin before the proposal... Marshall ♥

Helping out his hoomin before the proposal. Marshall ♥ - This is how Trooper and Sally are gonna dress for our wedding

Dog proposal? Exactly how I would like to be proposed to. Friends please tell my future fiance ;)

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Katie and Trey's Sweet Puppy Proposal Featured on HowHeAsked

Katie and Trey's Sweet Puppy Proposal Featured on

Who could turn down this adorable puppy proposal? Literally everything about this is perfect, from the sleepy pup to the stunning engagement ring.

Dear Future Husband, Do this but with a German shepherd<<<<<Rottweiler, doberman, great Dane, jack russel

16 Dogs Who Proposed Marriage For Their Humans


First family portrait…

Free Puppy Turns into Marriage Proposal

He Surprised Her With a Puppy—and an Engagement Ring

Puppers A free puppy turned into a marriage proposal for this adorable couple, and we're obsessed!

this is actually the cutest thing ive ever seen and i cannot think of a more perfect proposal ever.:

Was trying to decide what to buy first; a ring, or a puppy. I decided on both.

Dear future boyfriend, If you propose with a puppy, I WILL say yes. Even the perfect dog!

Dear Future Husband, If you get me an engagement ring and a puppy (or Kitten) I am all yours.

10 Cute + Creative Pet Proposals That Will Make You Melt

A lab puppy & engagement ring. this is how i want to be proposed to. i open the box and there is an adorable black or silver lab w/ a bow around their neck and an engagement ring.

Marriage Proposal Ideas from HowHeAsked Karlie and Alec's Incredible Christmas Puppy Proposal

Okay, this PUPPY PROPOSAL wins.