kim gordon | ... thought, “Well, why not? Nothing else has worked.” - Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth "Girls Invented Punk Rock, Not England"

Exclusive Kirstin Maldonado Punk Rock Poster

Exclusive Kirstin Maldonado Punk Rock Poster

Only a few of these unique, chic and one-of-a-kind shots of KTM are in stock, so get yours today! - Each 100 lb. high de, high gloss poster is sized 11 X 17 inches.

"That's So Punk Rock of You."                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Okay I can really wear this outfit close enough. I have a black and white flannel shirt, I can find a nirvana shirt, I have black jeans, those boots, black bracelets and black glasses.

Oh my god this makes me laugh so much haha baptise her with music of our people haha

Baptism done right

Yeah this was basically me....pointe shoes and all. Who new a dancer had a side that didn't involve pink tights...well at least not baby pink tights.

Beautiful Balletography

Punk Ballet, Indie Ballet and Alternative Ballet for Beginners. How to become an indie ballerina

#cute so could see Juliet wearing this. Except the skull...

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