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Quick DIY Bookends Made from CDs

Book ends are expensive! Even those plain metal ones. Here’s a way to make some for almost nothing using CDs or DVDs. You do have to have access to a propane torch or something similar. But if you can get ahold of one of those you can whip out dozens of these things! Then you can paint them up and decorate them however you want!


Pinterest Tested: Fixing Scratched DVD's


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10 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

This list has some of my favorite unusual uses for toothpaste like cleaning fingernails, foggy headlights and more! For something so inexpensive, it sure does a lot of great things.


Toothpaste as CD Cleaner


Store cables or rope in old CD spindles. or string, ribbon, lace, shoelaces...


Uses of Toothpaste | Removes stain from cloth. Even out scratches on CD/DVD. Cleans diamond rings. Cleans silver. Placate light burns. Removes crayon from painted walls. Remove carpet stains. Clean your nails. Clean shoe rubber. Remove scratches on your watch crystal. Treat acne. Deodorize smelly hands. Remove scratches on glassware. Cleans clothes iron. Pest control.


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