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#makeinnùgoro #storytelling #24novembre Anche questa settimana inizia col piede giusto! Abbiamo appena lasciato la dottoressa Cocco del MIUR, provveditorato agli studi per le province di #Nuoro #Ogliastra, che entusiasta del #progetto ci ha dato disponibilità a stimolare tutta la rete di presidi e professori degli #Istituti del nuorese. Avanti così, #avantitutta! #buldingfuture #makeinnuoro

R. Provveditorato agli Studi. Annuario della Scuola Fascista di Potenza. Potenza: Stab. Tip. "Fulgur," 1939. The yearbook for the schools in the province of Potenza, discussing instruction in a wide variety of practical skills, all under the control of the Fascist government. Statistics on student enrollment, courses taught, etc., are included for each school. The book, illustrated with many photographs, provides a detailed description of the Fascist educational system in action in one…


Here is a motivational bulletin board that is great for a variety of levels. Print and cut your own letters. Details in blog post.

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Growth Mindset Banner plus ZenDoodle Coloring Pennants

These banners are ready to print and hang in your school to encourage a positive growth mindset culture in your school. With 35 different designs, you can pick and choose which pennants to use for multiple locations in your school. We posted them in the main office and some teachers put them in their classrooms to reinforce our message. They would also work as part of a bulletin board.


Bulletin board idea for Career and Technical Education. Shows all eight career pathways with LOTS of occupations for each area!


A Peek into my {In Progress} Classroom Set Up

Growth Mindset display

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Interactive Calendar Books for Autism

Calendar Routine in Special Education classroom or autism program. Perfect for children with special needs


This is Miss Brown of Brown vs Board of Education -- Linda Brown at Monroe Elementary in Topeka, Kansas. 1951 case brought by her parents and other plaintiffs, formed the basis for the landmark Supreme Court decision of May 17, 1954.