wanna tackle prom with me. Prom dance proposal

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This is an example of reminiscing. I used behavioral expression, when he asked me I starting jumping up and down and laughed a lot because I was imbarrassed.

Prom Proposal

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Need an idea to ask your superhero boyfriend to prom? Here's a simple way to ask!

This is so simple. The only thing he's doing wrong is not spelling out her name, or "prom?" or a heart with the cups. ❤️

10 Super Cute Promposals

Half the fun of going to prom is getting asked! Creativity is key to achieving the perfect promposal. Check out the 10 super cute promposals below.

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How are you going to ask your date to the homecoming dance? Here are some adorable homecoming (hoco) proposals you need to see.

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