Michelle Lesniak Franklin's opening look at project runway teams finale at Mercedes-Benz fashion week

32 Looks You Need To See From The "Project Runway" Finale Show

Mondo Clothes Project Runway | Project Runway All Stars: Finale - CraftStylish

Project Runway All Stars: "Finale"

Dom Streater- Project Runway All Stars Season 5 Episode 8 Look :

Project Runway All Stars Winner show, Dom Streater of Philadelphia. Great design skills, use of colours and styles. For NY Fashion Week.

The Best 'Project Runway' Looks of All Time - The Atlantic Project Runway Season 8 Episode 10 Create a Print Designer: Mondo Guerra

The Best 'Project Runway' Looks of All Time

Watch the clip from Project Runway Season 8 episode 10 in which designer Mondo Guerra reveals to the judges' panel that he has been HIV-positive for 10 years and had been keeping it a secret

Edmond Newton’s winning design for the fifth challenge of Project Runway season 14.

Project Runway Ep. 5: Mean Girls

Project Runway Season 12, Episode 9: The Modern Southern Woman  As a Southern teenager, the stereotypical image of a Southern woman made me really mad. However, I really did love this dress- gorgeous colors and silhouette. I also liked Dom's second dress. :)

Project Runway Season 12 Alexander Pope Episode 9 Look - Alexander surprised me again! Loved his inspired dress. Love the flow of the dress.

Project Runway Is on Its 15th Season! And 14 Other Things You Never Knew About the Show On Season 15, You Can Buy the Designers' Creations Right Off the Runway The Project Runway originals are available on eBay.

On Season 15, You Can Buy the Designers' Creations Right Off the Runway

Ashley Nell Tipton's old technologies dress made of Poloroids. Love this dress! So creative and beautiful. A dress made of memories.

'Project Runway' recap: Season 14 gets a SECOND unconventional challenge

SEASON 14 by Ashley Nell Tipton - old technologies dress made of Poloroids. Love this dress and its flow. "A dress made of memories".

<3 loved this dress on Project Runway @PaluChristopher

Rockettes Design by Christopher Palu ProjectRunway Season 10 [not for my closet, but SO cool anyways]

One of Anya Ayoung-Chee's dresses from her winning collection for Project Runway 9!! She was my favorite designer. I would wear anything she makes.

Project Runway Season 9: Whose Runway Collection Was Your Favorite?

♥My favorite designer of ‘Project Runway’ Season 11.  ♥Congratulations to Michelle Lesniak Franklin!

Project Runway Fashion Show — Finale PICS From Season 11