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Tall People Problems. Seriously! The only shoes they have for people with big feet are old lady shoes. Lots of places I've been don't even go up to my shoe size.

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Yeah I'm the one jumping up and down trying to touch it and then someone tall comes up and just touches it without any problem....and I'm just like, meanie :/

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This has happened... especially more often when your best friend is five inches shorter than you

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The struggles of being TALL (26 photos)

Tall people problems : theBERRY

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32 Problems All Tall Girls Will Understand

Airplane seats. | 32 Problems All Tall Girls Will Understand, true even exit seats are cramped for my long legs

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Tall people problems @Sara Berry hahaha i love you anyway! :D

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Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because…

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Tall people problems

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Tall people problems

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More like sit with your legs stretched out and the upper half of your body out of the water >

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Most of my teachers just stick me in the back... Forever back row......even if the girl in front of me wears a high bun so I can't see

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I've gotten asked have I voted yet and whether or not i teach in the area. All in one sentence. I was in the 7th grade.

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Image result for tall girl meme More

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Yeah, I don't really want to be in the sky dome area of EVERY picture I am in for my ENTIRE life.

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Instagram photo by @tallgirl.problems via

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28 Everyday Struggles When You're Six Foot Something

Being the beacon all your friends look for in a crowd. | 28 Everyday Struggles When You're Six Foot Something

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