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786. A Charming Enamel and Diamond Four Leaf Clover Pin - September 2010 Auction - ASPIRE AUCTIONS


The ancient Irish Celts also revered the shamrock because it has three leaves, and they considered “3″ to be a sacred number. The ancient Celtic Druids believed many numbers held mystical powers. The three leaves shaped like hearts were associated with the Triple Goddess of Celtic mythology, otherwise known as the “Three Morgans”. The Triple Goddess represented the Triple Mothers, the hearts of the ancient Celtic tribes, while the Catholic Church saw the Holy Trinity.


IL #GALATEO DEI #FIORI #CAPODANNO Per Capodanno l’ideale è regalare composizioni o bouquet con vischio. Il vischio infatti è un portafortuna ed è usanza per Capodanno baciarsi sotto i suoi rami per augurarsi un nuovo anno ricco di successi.

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Dreamcatcher bianco con fiori, acchiappasogni con fiori, dreamcatcher crochet, Portafortuna indiano, Dreamcatcher flower by UncinettinaStyle #italiasmartteam #etsy