poetry tools anchor chart

A Week-Long Poetry Unit

poetry tools anchor chart for use in the elementary classroom when teaching reading and writing

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In the Venn diagram of my life, my “Mom” and “English teacher” lives overlapped beautifully this week when my daughter’s middle school hosted a Poetry Night. Parents were invited to join their twee. by jana

Poetry terms with examples and definitions - included in Laura Candler's Exploring Poetry along with lessons, activities, and printables for teaching kids to read and understand poetry.

Poetry Lessons - Exploring Poetry: Teaching Kids to Read and Understand Poetry

The styles and word choices of poetry are significant because they provide the poem with a sense of meaning. Figurative language, sound patterns, and rhythm are all essential factors when writing poetry.

Free poetry book and posters to help you students learn important terms.  Great for learning centers.

How to Teach Poetry (Even if You Hate it

Poetry Terms/Types Anchor Chart: These posters and anchor charts can be used when teaching the types of poetry. Poetry examples are also provided in this resource.

Middle school English language arts | High school English | Students will love their poetry journal pages and Poem in Your Pocket pennant. English teachers prepare poetry lessons to get students excited about haiku, acrostic, I am poems, and

Poetry writing activities, poem in your pocket pennant, creative, and fun



Looking for fun activities to explore the art of poetry and use it to support language learning? Try these simple and fun activities. See more in my previous posts on poetry: ICE ICE, BABY: WRITING.

Notes From the Portable: March A Poem Each Week - Free Poetry Lessons for March

Do you hate to teach poetry? If so these tips and freebies will have both you and your students falling in love with reading and writing poetry!

If poetry is taught the right way, students should be cheering at the thought of a Poetry Workshop day. This blog post outlines the "why" of Poetry Workshop along with tips and tricks that I have picked up to make any poetry unit a raging success in your middle school classroom.

Using a poetry workshop approach - lots of information in this post - from Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach: Poetry Workshop

Two fun poetry activities for your middle school students! Easy and low-prep!

Two Poetry Activities Your Students Will Love

Two fun poetry activities for your middle school students! Easy and low-prep! Perfect for testing or end of the year

We HEART Poetry! A Poetry Analysis FREEBIE for Grades 4-8

As an upper elementary to middle school teacher I have a variety of learners; enthusiastic and engaged, easily inspired, indifferent, and those that require a bit more encouragement to enhance their joy of learning. Can you relate?

The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Kicking off our poetry studies...

Kicking off our poetry studies...

The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Kicking off our poetry studies.

I like poem...Intro to poetry lesson...have kids write "I Like Poem"...so simple and fun!

{Freebie} First Grade Wow: Daily Five - Read to Someone-Poetry Collections~Poetry folder cover and beg. of year poems

April A Poem Each Week. Free poetry resources: questions and activities to engage readers.

April A Poem Each Week (FREEBIE

Looking for ways to incorporate poetry this month. Use these FREE questions and activities to get your students talking about poetry this month.

Whether you are starting a poetry unit or want to integrate poetry into your curriculum all year long, here are some ideas to make poetry fun and meaningful for your students.

25 Great Ideas for Teaching Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, so get ready to celebrate in your classroom with these 25 awesome ideas for teaching poetry! There are a variety of ideas shared in this post, including both reading and writing poetry. I've included tons of ways for you to

Bring spoken word poetry into your classroom #highschool #poetry

Bring spoken word poetry into your classroom. Here are 3 spoken word poets to share with your students

How to Teach Poetry Writing in 4 Easy Lessons, especially designed for elementary teachers

How to Teach Poetry Writing in 4 Easy Lessons