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m Wizard hermit Magic Book Lantern forest hills spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”

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Masks worn by doctors during the Plague. The protective suit of the plague doctor consisted of a heavy fabric overcoat that was waxed, a mask with glass eye openings and a cone nose shaped like a beak to hold scented substances and straw.

7 Creepy Vintage Medical Curiosities to Scare You Out of Getting Sick Again, Ever

Plague Doctor mask in black leather Schnabel by TomBanwell on Etsy

Plague Doctor Hat and mask in Black Leather van TomBanwell on Etsy - This is a classical plague doctor's hat, modeled after the engraving by Paul Fürst done in It is part of the historical plague doctor's costume.

Fr : "Je suis loin d'être aussi malade que toi."

A villain attending to a deathly sick hero, 'Right now, I'm nowhere near as sick as you" <- or alternatively, something like: "You've been helping me with my mental illnesses, so now I'm nowhere near as sick as you.

Plague doctor-sketch, Giovanni  Roschini on ArtStation at

I guess makes sense, because the name of the skin is literally "Plague Doctor" 'xD \\ Steampunk Plague doctor-sketch, Giovanni Roschini on ArtStation