Finally found my favorite image put to skin.  I think I might get this with orange and blue fish.

Signo Piscis

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Fish Design: Sister Tattoo Ideas

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01 FISH 15X15.jpg - FISH 15X15. Beautiful simplicity of line!

Elegant half-tone watercolor fish by Russian artist Igor Sikorsky.--saw this type of fish painted inside a porcelain mug.beautifully done! -- Want this as a tattoo

cute beta fish/pisces/yin yang tattoo... Not gonna lie, this makes me think of Avatar.. End of season 1 @ the northern water tribe. Yes I'm a nerd. Don't judge me :-P lol

Anyone getting tattoos inspired by their LO?

Me & You You & I Ying & Yang Together forever

I don't usually like fish tattoos but this is beautiful! Me & You You & I Ying & Yang Together forever