18 Ways To Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Face

18 Ways To Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Face

These are good for when your bangs are at that awkward stage because you're trying to grow them out. Not to mention really easy my personal fave is to just twist and pin back with a bobby pin.

way to pin back growing bangs

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We love pinned back bangs for so many reasons. Not only do they keep your hair of your face in the summer, but they look super cute paired with soft curls. Bonus points if you clip them back with a vintage barrette TUTORIAL: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/05/how-to-style-pinned-back-bangs.html

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Puffed and pinned back bangs

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Growing out your bangs can be a long and arduous process. Avoid the awkwardness with these easy tips! - The Perfect Pin Back #hairstyles, #h...

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Tease your bangs slightly, then push them back toward your crown.

18 Ways To Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Face

When I was in my teens, my hair would break by just running my fingers through them. And then there’s the horror of too much hair in the bath tub. Yup, I went through that! That horror was worse than watching Paranormal Activities. So I spent hours on trying to get help from google and anyone …

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How to style pinned back bangs-now if only I could steal her hair color.

Layered locks with pinned back bangs

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