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Pilates: esercizi per allenamento completo per dimagrire, lezioni in italiano da fare a casa gratis - YouTube

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17 Guías visuales de ejercicio que te motivarán a ponerte en forma

También puedes comprar una pelota de pilates para poder ejercitar tus abdominales donde quieras. | 17 Guías visuales de ejercicio que te motivarán a ponerte en forma

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For Stronger Abs, Add This 2-Minute Ab Workout to Any Routine

This group of classic Pilates moves, collectively known as the Series of Five, is the perfect addition to any workout. Take it from Lisa Corsello, founder of Burn Pilates and wholehearted Series of Five fan. "It is my favorite set of exercises," she explains. "Whenever I work out, I do a Series of Five. It's really focused on the core, but your arms and legs are moving in all these different directions, which makes it much more challenging to hold your position."

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Pilates con las bandas elasticas

Los fisioterapeutas utilizan las bandas elásticas desde hace añ0s para ayudar a la rehabilitación de sus pacientes y hacer posible que éstos realicen las tablas de ejercicios en casa. En nuestras c...

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Cómo practicar el método Pilates en casa

Cómo practicar el método Pilates en casa, con ejercicios explicados paso a paso e imágenes que lo ilustran. Beneficios del Pilates para la salud.


This is the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge. Forget wearing those silly waist trainers (which are basically modern day corsets) - this will help you tighten the muscle fibers of your own NATURAL CORSET! Your core! So easy to start, but gets harder as you go. Print this out now!


Be fit. An exercise ball like this is actually very good for people with fibro and I as a suffer can highly recommend it. Just start slowly and don't over do it. Also did you know that while your sitting on your computer that if you sit on one of these balls it can actually strengthening your core muscles.