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If I were to ever get a tongue ring, i would get just one, but with a small stud. like this size.

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Debby Ryan

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Oh my goodness. I thought my next dog would be a Schnauzer but this "Schnoodle" is too precious. One day...

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Pierce Brosnan

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Jayy Von Monroe Yellow Eyes | Piercing blue eyes and mad rad hair - Only 7 minutes? (Chapter 12 ...

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Not that have you heard the horrible lies he spread about her, kind of love ❤️

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Owari no Seraph | Hyakuya Mikaela & Hyakuya Yuichirou | mika's eyes piercing through my soul holy

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Beautiful soulful eyes piercing through velvety darkness.

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snake eye

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His cool eyes pierced mine. "Do I disgust you?" His expression remained guarded, indifferent, cruel. But she could hear the shift in his voice-- the vulnerability of a lonely, broken man. She had thought her heart only held hatred for him, but he had changed-- she had changed. "No," she said so quietly she didn't think he would hear. But he hears everything, especially this. "I do not hate you," she continued. "But I wish I did."

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