Given the choice of taking the escalators or the stairs, here's some advice, take the stairs, particularly if you find yourself at Wulin Plaza in Hangzhou, China. Just last week they installed stairs that resemble black and white piano keys. When walked upon, the steps produce relevant musical note sounds, resulting in a truly melodic experience. In total there are 54 steps. You can watch a video of the stairs in action at the SINA English website. (They're much louder than you might think.)

Piano Stairs Play Melodic Notes When Stepped On

Piano Stairs Play Melodic Notes When Stepped On - Studies show more people started taking the stairs more than the escalators when the stairs played music.

By Strictly[dih-zahyn]ers in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Beirut, Lebanon. In Beirut, Lebanon you can find these steps painted in a rainbow of colors that resemble piano keys. There’s almost a kind of rugged beauty about them.

Piano stairs in the Margaritaville downtown Nashville, Tennessee!

Piano stairs in the Margaritaville downtown Nashville, Tennessee! Pose for a pic on these stairs.

Great viral videos are hard to come by, but Volkswagen (or rather ad agency DDB Stockholm) appears to have hit the bullseye. Their 2009 campaign “The Fun Theory” is a series of experiments, captured on video, to find out if making the world more fun can improve people’s behavior.

The Fun Theory: Volkswagen Masters the Viral Video

The fun factor - musical stairs. This video shows how people rarely used the stairs until the piano steps were installed. After installation, practically no one uses the escalator.

Stairs for the musician's house!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Piano Stairs Let You Play A Melody While You Walk

Classical Musicians Everywhere Piano Stairs spotted in Nanjing's Subway, China Fact: “Piano stairs” have been a hit in cities worldwide, from Milan, Italy to Santiago, Chile and more. Studies have shown that when faced with the choice between climbing

Piano keyboard stairs up to music room!

aunti vestals owlde steps up to gospel musik for myself. i did not realize english an she got so tickled she learned latineum and francois and britanginia Christian jew gospel. Piano keyboard stairs up to music room! steps to greatness!

Piano Stairs. stairs. footstep. lifestyle. pathways. rush. sitting when emotional. sliding game. I like seating on my house's wooden stair or my grandma's granite step at noon when i was small. and family members step through me. i like to play đồ hàng when i was lying on it.

Street art in Valparaíso, Chile. Stairway keys From: Street Art Utopia Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Piano Stair, Valparaíso, Chile. Visit the boards >>

Lovely Piano Key Staircases in Valparaiso, Chile. Scale a piano forte

piano stairs on the subway stairways at Odenplan, Stockholm, Sweden - listen to it at

piano stairs on the subway stairways at Odenplan, Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm has the coolest metro stations ever! Each station is unique, too bad I didn't visit this one

Piano Stairs. "If music be the food of love, play on ..." #MakinPianos Passionate about Pianos since 1931

Urban design is not necessarily boring or super hi-tech or expensive.good idea also for stairs to the floor where our music hall might be (I don't even have a house but know that piano will be there in a big room - for sure!

Piano isn't something where you just sit down and play a symphony. We have to practice and follow the steps to playing music. And i have learned that I meed to keep following my dreams - Original

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

So is climbing the stairway downscaling?#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

25 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Stairs

How much would your littles one love to have stairs painted like piano keys at home! Grafitti Piano Stairs via onepicten