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This simple behavior management strategy allowed me to anticipate possible behaviors that would happen and plan my reaction or consequence. It is so simple but made such an impact on my classroom management and classroom culture. Click through to read abo

The Behavior Management Strategy that Saved My Sanity

Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall!

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This Behavior Management Plan, specifically tailored to Middle School and High School, includes dozens of behavior interventions, classified into four tiers to help you scaffold interventions as behaviors escalate or de-escalate. Decrease off-task behaviors and increase learning with these best practices! Works beautifully as a school-wide plan to facilitate consistency and common language amongst all staff and faculty! Now available with a site-wide license!

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Four-Tier Behavior Management Plan

Behavior Management {freebies}
Personal Clip Chart and Behavior Management Plan

Personal Clip Chart and Behavior Management Plan

A Teeny Tiny Teacher: I Don't Use a Clip Chart. Please Don't Throw Rotten Tomatoes.
FREE Part of my behavior plan this year, a note to send home for those few difficult children. It goes along with my colored "good behavior" and "poor behavior" charts. Free
Classroom behavior chart WITH magnetic numbers instead of clips for each student.