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Today we celebrate women in engineering for National Women in Engineering Day ‪#‎NWED‬. Hilary Costello takes us flying high as she tests the flutter on her extremely long cable and Hannah Petto gets really, er, clean building diesel engines at Caterpillar

The 10 Most Influential Scientists of the 20th Century

Jonas Salk (1914-1995) became a hero overnight when it was announced that he had invented a vaccine for polio. Before Salk created the vaccine, polio was a devastating viral disease that had become epidemic. Each year, thousands of children and adults either died from the disease or were left paralyzed.


A pic of women who were the first to be accepted at West Point Military Academy in 1976.


February 10, 1910: The Wright brothers stood outside the Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) after receiving the Langley Medal for Aerodromics. Pictured (L to R): Smithsonian Secretary Charles D. Walcott, Wilbur Wright, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, a Smithsonian regent, Orville Wright. Image Source: Smithsonian Institution Archives


Lise Meitner was an Austrian physicist who was part of the Hahn-Meitner-Strassmann-team that worked on "transuranium-elements" since 1935, which led to the radiochemical discovery of the nuclear fission of uranium and thorium, an achievement for which Otto Hahn was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1944. Meitner is often mentioned as one of the most glaring examples of women's scientific achievement overlooked by the Nobel committee.


Most Motivational Women in History


Rosalind Franklin is the woman who did the majority of the work in discovering the structure of DNA (double helix), but the credit generally goes to James Watson and Francis Crick.


In 1965, Lillian Gilbreth became the first female engineer to be elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).


Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes September 11, 1890 - July 25, 1980 BA Smith College (1914); MA, University of Chicago Ph.D. (Mathematics) Catholic University, 1943 thesis: Determination of Sets of Independent Conditions Characterizing Certain Special Cases of Symmetric Correspondences, advisor: Aubrey Landry